Crosshair Rulers

This is one of those Tools that I consider to be an essential when I am quilting. When I am quilting designs that are based on a repetition such as Wreaths, Spin-e-fex and Spinning Wheels, if I am quilting an 8 Point design I want 8 even sections.
Whether quilting on a domestic machine or a longarm machine I like to mark reference lines on my quilts. Reference lines give me a much better result. If I am using rotating templates, reference lines will give much more accurate spacing. On a domestic machine the quilt is not taught as on a longarm machine and there is movement of the quilt sandwich which can make it difficult to use the rotating lines on the templates. So I mark in the reference lines. I like using our Cross Hair Ruler to locate the centre and mark 4, 8, 16 and 32 lines if required