About Ruler Work

By Leonie West ©2014

What is Ruler Work?

Ruler Work is a technique of quilting that until 2014 when Westalee Designed launched their Ruler Foot and Template Quilting System for domestic sewing machines was primarily used by longarm quilters.

This category is a quick reference for you to learn about Ruler Work.

Ruler Work or Template Work are the same thing. The process of using a Template with a Ruler Foot to create beautiful quilting designs without the need to mark each and every line on the quilt.

We make many different Templates making it possible for the quilter to achieve beautiful designs easily. Some of us can picture a design and quilt it using only a few Templates, but this requires a lot of measuring and marking. I would rather use a Template that has all the maths and measuring done for me. To create a Wreath with a number of simple curve templates is possible, but using our Wreath Templates it is not only possible it is easy.

Leonie West