Template Thickness, an Explanation

Written by Bill West ©2014

There have been some posts suggesting that there is no reason why you can not use 6mm or 1/4″ longarm templates and rulers on your domestic sewing machines when using a ruler foot. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

When we designed our Ruler foot for domestic sewing machines we spent over a year investigating the vast number of sewing machines available, as it was our intention to make our Ruler Foot fit as many machines as possible giving the ability to use rulers and templates to as many quilters we could.

We studied the height of the shanks, not only for identification of the foot required, High Shank, Low Shank, Medium Shank or High Shank Special. We also looked at the height of the shank from the needle plate, not all shanks are the same height from the needle plate some are much lower than others.

As the vast majority of DOMs are Low Shank and on most of these machines the lowest point of the shank, in the down position is below a 6mm template on a quilt sandwich. This will cause a 6mm template to collide with the shank.

The top photo shows a 3mm template as you can see there is space between the shank and the template, making it possible to move a Template around a Ruler Foot in any direction.

The bottom photo shows a 6mm template and it is obvious that the template is higher than the lowest point of the shank. This would make it extremely difficult to use most of the templates original designed for Longarm Quilting Machines.

The photos are showing a Husqvarna Designer, many Domestic Machines have shanks that will collide with 6mm templates.

We have been manufacturing 6 mm (1/4″) Longarm templates for over 7 years, it would so easy just to supply the same template, however your Domestic Machine is not a Long Arm Machine. We wanted everyone to be able to use any of our templates, either inside or outside without any interference caused by the height of the shank.

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