What is Ruler Work?

Ruler Work for Domestic Machines

by Leonie West ©2014

Quilting with Rulers on a Domestic Machine with a Ruler Foot designed to work on most makes, that comes in a High and Low Shank and is adjustable. The Westalee Ruler Foot, a true 1/2″ round Foot, opens up your creative side by enabling you to stitch with the guidance of a Template, a wide variety of designs normally reserved for the Longarm Machine Quilters.

The Rulers and Templates shown below have been designed to suit your Domestic Machine.
The Low Shank group of machines only has a small clearance between the needle plate and the bottom of the presser foot bar, we have compensated for this and produced an extensive range of designs in 3mm clear cast acrylic.

The High Shank machines do have a little more clearance and this can vary from machine to machine, we recommend using a 4.5mm thick Ruler for all High Shank Domestic Sewing Machines.

Impotant:-If you already have a selection of 6mm or 1/4″ templates, they will work from the front and to the sides only, do not attempt to use them from behind, you could damage your machine.

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