Decorative Thread Ruler Foot
Medium Shank


Designed by Leonie West & Bill West

This Ruler Foot allows you to add that special touch to your quilting.

We gave Quilters the first adjustable height Domestic Sewing machine Ruler Foot in 2015. continuing in our tradition of innovation for quilting, we now bring you our Decorative Threads Ruler Foot to let you couch with just one Ruler Foot along with the guidance of templates. With a wide variety of decorative threads from stranded silk to 12 ply metallics and without changing the Ruler Foot, you will be able to create beautiful features in your designs using the accuracy provided by using any of our templates.
The Decorative Threads Ruler Foot has Design Application number 201811852 and 201811854 lodged with IP Australia.

For use with low shank sewing machines with a mezzanine setting.


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