Can I add my own Reference Lines to Templates?

By Leonie West ©2014

All Westalee Design Templates are made using only the best quality materials and manufacturing techniques.

We choose to make our Templates from clear acrylic as we believe that this is the best material to use. Over the past 10 years we have asked our testers to test many different colours of acrylic and the results always prove that clear is better the etched lines show on more fabrics than any other acrylic. The etched reference lines standout on dark fabrics and on light fabric the etching appears grey making them easy to see.

We etch minimal lines on our Templates as too many lines very quickly become confusing. If you find that you would like to add lines to your Templates we recommend marking with Crayola Fine Line washout pens (these are the pens that children use), these markers dry quickly and are wet erase. These marks can be removed with a damp cloth or you can use a very small amount of Isopropyl We use Isopropyl to remove the markings when no longer needed, Isopropyl is rubbing alcohol it is the same product that we use to clean Templates as it is not damaging to acrylic. Isopropyl can also be purchased as wipes, but wipes are far more expensive. One of the best things about these pens is that if you accidentally get the pen on to your fabric it will wash out.

Reference lines can also be marked with tape I use a low tack removable clear tape.

Important:- We do not recommend scoring lines into the acrylic as this is quite dangerous, acrylic is extremely smooth if you slip with a knife you can injure yourself, and if you make a mistake it is permanent.

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