Are Ruler-work Quilting and Free-motion Quilting the same?

Written By Leonie West ©2014

To put it simply “NO”
Quilting with a Westalee Design Ruler Foot and Rulers and Templates is a very different process to free-motion quilting.

Ruler-work is the process of quilting with a Ruler Foot and a Ruler or a Template as a guide, making it easy to quilt complex designs easily and accurately and repeatedly. The designs that you can quilt using a Ruler or Template cannot be done accurately with free-motion quilting.

Free-motion is as the name says “free”. Free-motion is quilting without drawing the design or using a stencil or a template as a guide it is freehand, creating the design as you go.

Guided Free-motion is when a base design is draw on the quilt and the quilter follows that line creating the design as they go.