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About Westalee Design

Westalee Design is renowned for leading the way  Patchwork and Quilting Innovation.

Making Patchwork and Quilting easier and more exciting for all Patchworkers and Quilters is what we have built our business and reputation on.

Our reputation in service is second to none in the industry, no question is every to hard or ignored and help is always just a few clicks or a phone call away.


Westalee Design was created in 2007 and the buisness Westalee Design was formed in 2008.

We created the Westalee Design Brand to bring Patchwork and Quilting tools to the market to benefit patchworkers and quilters.

With our NEW and INNOVATIVE Range of Rulers and Templates.

All our Rulers and Templates are ORIGINAL in Design and function.

Our Adjustable Ruler with locking Fabric Guide System uses a unique system to provide accuracy in cutting for patchwork.  This system was designed by Leonie West and Bill West.

The Westalee Design Adjustable Ruler System has won Awards for innovation.  The most prestigious being the The New Inventors Best Invention of the year in 2008.


Our Quilting System was the first of its kind and brought to quilters a new way to quilt on domestic sewing machines. Our Quilting system won the Australian Award for Best New Product in 2015.


Westalee Design is a Trademark own by Leonie West and Bill West and is protected by Trademark Laws.

All Westalee Design  Tools (Rulers – Templates – and Ruler Feet), Instructions, Books, Patterns and Images – in written print form or electronic media are International Copyright Protected under the Berne Convention.

Copyrights are owned by Leonie West and Bill West and the Westalee Design Trust.


The Purchase of Westalee Desing Tools,  Books and Patterns :- allows you to use the th

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