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Guidance Systems for Quilters!

Quilters often look for that something special when quilting for themselves and or their customers. Our Spin-e-fex range of tools will give you more flexability than ever before.

Templates that are designed for 12" blocks and borders down to 3", they are readily at home with Gammil, Nolting, A1, APQS, Handi Quilter, ABM and more.

Using our Stitching Line Discs, the templates can be used to draw your own designs directly onto fabric for Hand Quilting or to be sewn with your Sewing Machine.

Spin-e-fex templates are made from 6mm clear cast acrylic, have multiple reference lines and have been sized to enable easy handling when stitching. The Templates are cut to suit a 1/2" hopping foot, if your Longarm machine is has a larger foot, please contact us. We can supply other sizes and can even custom make new shapes.

Click here for Important informaton on the care and use of these Templates


Made by Westalee Design in Australia.

The list of Long Arm and Mid Arm Quilting Machines is ever growing and the size of the hopping foot and its suitability for use with templates varies. The Spin-e-fex range of tools, shown below are made to suit a 1/2" hopping foot. If you are unsure on the size of your machine or would like to know more about these tools, click on the email address below and send me a contact number with your name and I will get back to you.

Centre Mark and Spin-e-fex

How easy are these tools

Stitching Line Discs

Set of 8 discs - Various sizes to enable you to emulate the stitching line made by a 1/2" hopping foot.

Use these with your marking pen to create new designs for Hand Sewing or Machine Sewing.

The discs can be used with all of the Spin-e-fex range and most of our template selection. They will give you the stitching line and allow you to experiment with designs before putting them onto a quilt.

Pack of 8 - $4.00

The Stitching Line Discs are set for 1/2" templates listed below.
If you have a 9/16" foot (some earlier Gammil Machines) change the size in the drop box.
If you are unsure please feel free to email me.

Spin-e-fex No. 1




Spin-e-fex No. 2




Spin-e-fex No. 3




Spin-e-fex No. 4




Spin-e-fex No. 5




Spin-e-fex No. 6




Spin-e-fex No. 7




Spin-e-fex No. 8




Spin-e-fex No. 9




Spin-e-fex No. 10




Westalee Design is the only company in Australia wholly dedicated to the manufacture of Patchwork and Quilting Rulers, templates and acrylic based aids. We custom make templates for individuals or larger quantites for retailers.