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Welcome to Westalee Design!

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Enter your Make and Model of your machine - This will ensure that the correct Template is sent.

Then Click post information to add it to the Cart. This will be added to your order.

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If you have any questions, please email us and if you include you contact number including area code, we will call you.

Enter your Machine Brand and Model

Circles On Quilts Spinning Wheel 27

This template creates a rotating design with 16 rotations
The Template is made in three thickness's and is suitable for the Domestic Sewing Machine and Longarm Machines.

The sample below has 16 rotations and is quilted with a continuous stitch.

Circles On Quilts Spinning Wheel 27

High Shank $30.00

Low Shank $30.00

Longarm 6mm $36.00

Slant Shank Ruler Foot - Suits Singer Slant Shank Sewing machines

We are excited to announce our Slant Shank Ruler Foot, made from composite stainless steel, is available.

The Slant Shank Ruler Foot was successfully Design Registered in August 2017 with Design Registration pending in the USA

To help you get started we have included our 12" Arc Template, for quilting curved and straight lines.

Slant Shank Ruler Foot - $48.00

Slant Shank Ruler Foot

Ruler Foot for all Singer Slant Shank Models. we recommend using an extension table when quilting with templates

Decorative Threads Ruler Foot for Domestic Sewing machines

We gave Quilters the first adjustable height Domestic Sewing machine Ruler Foot in 2015. continuing in our tradition of innovation for quilting, we now bring you our Decorative Threads Ruler Foot to let you couch with just one Ruler Foot along with the guidance of templates. With a wide variety of decorative threads from stranded silk to 12 ply metallics and without changing the Ruler Foot, you will be able to create beautiful features in your designs using the accuracy provided by using any of our templates.
The Decorative Threads Ruler Foot has Design Application number 201811852 and 201811854 lodged with IP Australia.

To see the Decorative Threads Ruler Foot in action, watch our video.

Decorative Threads Ruler Foot - $35.00

Decoraive Threads Ruler Foot

Domestic Sewing Machine Ruler Foot Only

When we introduced the Domestic Sewing Machine Ruler Foot in Jan. 2015, we included a Template in the packaging, we now offer the option of a Ruler Foot Only Package for those of you with multiple machines
Other Ruler Foot options: click here
Make your quilt all yours, by finishing the quilting yourself, all on your domestic sewing machine

Domestic Machine Ruler Foot - $28.00

Ruler Foot

Apple Core 3 piece Template Set

From one of my favourite traditional pieced designs.
Quilt a background with this beautiful design. There are many different ways to use template set and background is just the beginning.
Join Westalee by Me facebook page to access our free Library of Inspirations including the Apple Core design.

Apple Core - Click here or click in our index on the left

Crosshair Rulers and Design Book for inspiration

Our Crosshair Ruler range now includes 8 point, 6 point, 5 point and 2 Spiral Crosshair Rulers 8 point and 6 point
Leonie has put together a Book on Designing with the Crosshair Ruler with more than 220 ideas.

Click here to see details

If you a fan of Hearts in your Quilt, then we have a set of 6 Heart Templates that are worth looking at. Follow the link to see the video and check out these fabulous templates from Leonie West

Hearts - Click here or click in our index on the left

Crosshair Rulers and Design Book for inspiration

Our Crosshair Ruler range now includes 8 point, 6 point, 5 point and 2 Spiral Crosshair Rulers 8 point and 6 point
Leonie has put together a Book on Designing with the Crosshair Ruler with more than 220 ideas.

Click here to see details

Quilt Class in a Bag

This package contains the Templates, written instructions, a DVD packed with detailed information on making the Quilt, a 6 point Crosshair Ruler and of course the Bag, designed by Leonie West and made by Yazzi
The Quilt measures 87" x 78"
Our Ruler Foot and Arc Template are available seperatly, they are not included in the Bag.

The Quilt Class in a Bag was launched at the Houston Quilt Festival. The Quilt pictured, is from the Class.

Quilt Class in a Bag

Quilt Class in a Bag

High Shank $120.00

Low Shank $120.00

Longarm 6mm $130.00

If you do not have our Ruler Foot and 12" Arc, they are available here: Ruler Foot and Arc pack

Miniature Baptist Fan
A set of 4 Templates

This Set of 4 templates will open up a world of creative wonders, of course it does an excellant job with traditonal Baptist Fan, our video link follows.

This video explores a different way to uses these templates.

Miniature Baptist Fan

4 piece Set.
Please enter the Make and Model of your machine in the box below


The London Collection
Flying Bell Curve Triangles

First in the series of Templates inspired by a trip to the UK. The buildings, bridges and countryside inspired Leonie to create The London Collection.

Domestic Machine Templates Click Here ........Longarm Machine Templates Click Here

The examples above were quilted using Leonie's TempLeeQuilt method .

The Mini Fills Collection

If you like the look of minature quilting, this is for you. A set of 5 templates designed for the Domestic Sewing Machine and each template has 4 different sizes.

We have posted 3 videos showing how to use the templates on your Domestic Machine
Start viewing here

Mini Fills Collection - 5 Templates

$90.00 - Mini Fills Collection - 5 Templates

Make a selection from the drop box above
Domestic Sewing Machine, (DSM)

Important Copyright information.
All material, pictures, graphics, videos, drawings and written material contained throughout this web site is the sole property of Westalee Design and as such is not to be used without the written approval of the owners, Westalee Design Pty. Ltd.
Trade Mark information.
The Trade Marks, Service Marks and Trade Names appearing on this web site, are the property of, or are used with permission by Westalee Design. These are not to be used without the written permission of Westalee Design or the registered owners. Our Trade Marks are identified by the letters TM or R at the end of the Trade Mark.

Our Ruler Foot for Domestic Sewing Machines has found its way into homes around the World. Manufactured and Distributed in Australia and now also Manufactured and Distributed in the USA by Sew Steady, (under license to Westalee Design).
Leonie and Bill West started their business in March 2008 with 4 products, which quickly grew with many more specialist templates. Winning the New Inventors, Viewers Choice Grand Final that year was a wonderful acheivement by Leonie. We have always felt that in order to supply the best products, we needed to control the whole process. Now, even after 7 years, we still design and manufacture every Ruler and Template ourselves. Westalee Design has more than 460 different Rulers, Specialty Products and Templates designed for Patchwork and Quilting.


We were so pleased to have won the Best Product in the 2015 Australian Craft Industry Awards – People’s Choice. Our Domestic Machine Ruler Foot and Templates are making a difference.

With a growing range of Templates now available for the Domestic Machine, currently at 260 different styles and sizes, we have breathed new life into the world of quilting for Domestic Machine owners. Our support range of videos continues to grow and Leonie has many more ideas that will be transferred to Acrylic.

Sew Steady are the only Manufacturer and Distributor for Westalee Design in the USA

Sew Steady have been manufacturing and distributing our products in the USA since the end of march and have placed selected products in many stores. What does this mean to our customers in the United States?
Firstly, no change in product quality, or performance. Secondly, delivery times will be far better than the 10 to 16 days currently being experienced. Thirdly, the cost of shipping from Australia to the USA is expensive.
It is important to support home based Manufacturing and who better than Sew Steady in the USA and of course, Westalee Design in Australia.

Sew Steady can be contacted by email click here to send email or use their free call number 800-837-3261 and ask them about our products.
They will soon be at a store near you.

Our Ruler Foot for Domestic Machines suits over 3,900 Sewing Machines, High or Low Shank. We currently produce over 450 different templates for Longarm Machines, Sit Down Machines, and of course the Domestic Machine, with each template made machine specific, cut with all necessary reference lines, foot size compensated and in a thickness to operate safely on your Machine.
All of our Rulers and Templates are cut from Clear Cast Acrylic, with the finest quality laser equipment to give you the best results.
We design and manufacture our entire range of Rulers and Templates and thoroughly test them before releasing.

Free motion quilting using templates on a Domestic Sewing Machine.

Leonie West

Westalee Design sold its first product in March 2008 and based in Victoria, we have been supplying Patchwork Stores both in Australia and worldwide ever since
We have established ourselves as a leading Manufacturer of high quality, accurate Patchwork and Quilting Rulers, Templates and Guides and an extensive range of Long Arm and Domestic Sewing machine Quilting and Custom Made Templates, all proudly made in Australia

Our products are sorted by category and you can find support files and an extensive range of videos to offer detailed instructions on the use of our products.

We spend a lot of time out in Patchwork Stores demonstrating our products and Leonie has shared her skills with her workshops, if you would like us to come to your store, call us or send an email.

Want more information about us, follow the link to go to the Facebook Page.
We also have a Blog Site where Leonie will give more detailed information on new and existing products.
If you would like to see more information about something you are working on, please email, or comment on Facebook or the Blog Site.

Facebook Link Blogspot link

So you have a Domestic Sewing Machine and would like to stitch designs without drawing them first or following stencils. We have the answer. Ruler Feet designed to use on Domestic Sewing Machines

Ruler work on Longarm Machines can provide outstanding results and for a long time owners of Domestic Sewing Machines have been asking us, "Can we use rulers on our sewing machines?"

We are proud to announce, that after many months of testing, we have manufactured a Ruler Foot to suit most makes of Sewing Machines, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Janome, Brother, Juki, Singer and Bernina to name a few. (Bernina machines will require the Bernina Adapter Shank).

The Ruler foot, made from composite stainless steel, is designed to float just above the quilt sandwich, there is no hopping mechanism to get in the way of your hands or impede your vision and you can run a ruler completely around the Westalee Ruler Foot

For Low Shank Machines, you should use a 3 mm (1/8") Ruler or Template to avoid hitting the Shank.
For High Shank machines you should use 4.5 mm (3/16") Rulers or Templates. In some cases you may be able to use the thicker templates as supplied for use on Longarm Machines and some Sit Down Longarm machines.

How do you fit the Ruler Foot and what rulers should you use?Click here to see the video
Want to see the Ruler Foot in action?Click here to see our video

The Development story is on our Blog click here to read it.

If you do not know what shank your machine is, all you need to do is lower your foot and then measure the height of the centre of the hole for the screw from the needle plate.

To help you get started we will include a curved and straight sided template with the each Ruler Foot purchased

Visit our Domestic Machine accessories page for a selection of templates and rulers to suit your sewing machine. We have put together a starter set of 5 templates made to suit your machine. Click here

There are a few Machines that are not suitable for the Ruler Foot featured below click here to check yours is not on the list. We do however, have a prototype undergoing testing, it is a High Shank Foot and hope to finalise that by end of March.

Low Shank Ruler Foot : $48.00

1/2" round Ruler Foot to suit Low Shank Machines

Instructions and Template supplied with Foot

Your Machine Brand and Model

High Shank Ruler Foot : $48.00

1/2" round Ruler Foot to suit High Shank Machines

Instructions and Template supplied with Foot

Your Machine Brand and Model

For a look at some of the Templates and Rulers
go to the "Domestic" page on our site Click here.

Great News for Gammill Owners

We now manufacture a true ½” round Ruler Foot to stitch a ¼” from the template edge to be used with 1/4” or 3/8” thick acrylic templates. (Gammill Foot is 9/16" Round).
Made from Stainless Steel Composite material, with good visibility from the front and back, supported at the sides, there is no way the Ruler Foot can slip under or over a template. The support legs are well clear of any template, looking after your equipment and rulers.

Westalee Gammill Foot

Gammill 1/2" Hopping Foot

Kit includes fitting instructions, Hopping Foot, Needle Grub Screw, Hex Head Screw and Allen Keys


Longarm Adjustable Storage Tray

For all those things you want to reach quickly, (or find) when your are quilting, we have manufactured a 7" wide x 21" deep Utility Tray.
Adjustable to fit even the largest Quilt Table. Sitting over the rollers and next to your work.

Made from 6mm Acrylic a great way to keep your workspace where you want it, nearby.

Longarm Adjustable Storage Tray

Supplied flat packed for shipping, easy to assemble - video instructions.
Tray is 7" x 21"

Utility Tray - $98.00

Longarm Utiity Tray